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When the after-glow of sex suddenly gives way to an overwhelming urge to peean alarm bell goes off in most women's heads: "Oh my god, I've got another urinary tract infection. So if that need to pee wasn't a UTI symptomwhat the heck was it? Most of us have been warned about the danger signs of UTIs since we became sexually active, and with good reason: a garden variety UTI can turn from a painful inconvenience into a serious health issue, like a kidney infectionvery quickly.

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It can be a scary prospect, approaching a GP about your health, but how else can we know what's 'normal' when our bodies are growing and changing all the time? Find the answers here. Though it can be hard to pluck up the courage to approach a GP or your family doctor, they're there to help you.

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Where does it comes from? Is it pee? And how might I make it happen for me?

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A quick search on Yahoo Answers brings a bunch of brow-raising questions like, do girls pee out of their butts? Yes, women can be a mystery. Read on for eight questions all women have thought of once in their lifetime. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

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Home Urinary Tract Infections. Medically reviewed by Susan E. Spratt, MD Frequent trips to the bathroom could be normal—or it might be something serious.

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Almost everyone will be familiar with the comical sight of a baby who suddenly elicits a violent shudder: It's a pretty reliable indicator that the infant needs a diaper change. But what's going on inside our bodies to generate this unusual response to a basic, daily function? The truth is that we don't really know.

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Gender-neutral toilets are a good thing. If you are African, Asian, or Latin-American, sex-segregated toilets are a good thing. Nothing exposes the hypocrisy of the trans debate more than the issue of toilets.

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Chris Donaghuethe author of Sex Outside the Lines. He's talking about urophilia, otherwise known as piss play or—in the words of an unsubstantiated report that's gotten some ink recently—golden showers. And if there's anything we're more squeamish about than sex, it's bathroom habits. Some people think it's nasty and disgusting.

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Urine luck! This is a golden opportunity to learn some pretty cool facts. Of course, this varies a bit depending on how much you're eating and drinking, Dr.

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You've probably heard the advice that you should pee immediately after sex a million times before. But what happens if you don't go sprinting to the toilet after a hookup? While there are many sex myths that have already been busted, like rumors that men have stronger sexual urges than women, women orgasm from only penetration, or "the bigger the better," we decided to get to the bottom of peeing after sex. According to Dweck, the biggest benefit of urinating after sexual intercourse is that it helps reduce the chances of getting a urinary tract infection.


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